Accredited Training


Our training programmes are structured to equip employees with knowledge and skills to reduce workplace incidents, create a healthier workplace and identify and manage environmental impacts.

NOHSS training programmes can be adapted to suit your needs, at your own pace, in your own working environment.


• First Aid
• Health and Safety Induction Training
• Health and Safety Representative Training
• Fire Fighting
• Forklift Training
• Dangerous Goods training
• HIV Aids Training

First Aid – Level 1 – 3

Accredited by Department of Labour
Learn how to perform basic life support and first aid procedures.
Level 1- Unit standard 12483
Level 2 – Unit standard 11967
Level 3 – Unit standard 376480

• Demonstrate an understanding of emergency scene management.
• Demonstrate an understanding of anatomy and physiology.
• Assess an emergency situation.
• Apply first-aid procedures to a life threatening situation.
• Treat common injuries.

Health and Safety Induction Training- Level 2

Unit Standard: 259639
Explain Basic health and safety principles in and around the workplace.

• Explain employer and employee duties surrounding OHS in the workplace.
• Explain the general safety rules in the workplace.
• Explain use and application of personal protective equipment.
• Explain good housekeeping in the workplace.
• Explain and apply emergency procedures in the workplace.

Health and Safety Representative Training – Level 2

Unit Standard: 9964
Learn the functions of a workplace and safety representative.

• Introduction to safety in the workplace.
• Identify potential hazards.
• Limit damage to persons or property.
• Safety procedures

Fire Fighting – Level 3

Unit Standard: 120331
NOHSS offers expert fire fighting training. Learn how to apply fire fighting techniques and tactics.
Our training is aimed at teaching basic fire fighting skills needed to minimize loss of life and property in the case of a fire.

• Identify different types of fires.
• Explain and practice fire prevention.
• Operate basic fire fighting equipment.

Forklift Training – Level 3

Unit Standard: 242974

• Lift truck and attachment identification.
• Parts and function of a lift truck.
• Principles of forklift operation.
• Lift truck safety.
• Daily checks.
• Refuelling/changing batteries.
• Load recognition.
• Practice forklift operation.

Dangerous Goods – Level 3

Unit Standard: 123259

• Operator/driver responsibilities.
• Parts of a dangerous goods placard.
• Compatibility and exempt quantities.
• Documentation.
• Loading, conveyance & offloading dangerous goods.
• Reaction to incidents.
• Fire extinguisher types and use.

HIV AIDS Training – Level 3

Unit Standard: 13915


  • Sexuality.
  • Sexually transmitted infections.
  • How to cope with STDs.
  • Human rights

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