Audits, Inspections and Compliance

At NOHSS our aim is to ensure your present and future compliance with all Health and Safety Legislation. One of the best methods to improve your Occupational Health and Safety system is by conducting an OHS Audit and inspection and adhering to compliance in the workplace. . NOHSS offers your business quality and practical OHS audit services.
Our audit specialists will identify non-conformances and then offer solutions through consultancy and training products. From drawing up safe work procedures to monitoring environmental pollution, from assessing due diligence to eliminating occupational hazards OUR SPECIALISTS HAVE YOUR BUSINESS COVERED!

Audits Our services include health and safety site inspections comprising of the following:
• Physical on site inspections as per compliance standards
• Risk Assessments
• Health and Safety Plans
• Site audit reports
• Compilation of Health and Safety Files

We will ensure that we understand your business processes and will implement and customise a solution to best suit its’ specific needs and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Inspections?
Inspections are a way of systematically checking that your working environment and procedures are meeting the required standards. Inspections deal with the identification of workplace risks and hazards, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), signage requirements and a list of standard operating procedure

Why Are Inspections Important?
Inspections are important because if they are carried out effectively, they allow you to identify and correct existing and potential risks and hazards before they become more serious or result in an incident or accident. Inspections also allow you to monitor hazard control i.e. Policies, procedures and personal protective equipment.

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